Gender Male
Nick Name Rick
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Red
Game Summary
Partner Brianna
Challenges Won 0
Place 13th
Eliminated Episode 01
Votes Against 10
Friends Brianna
Enemies TaHir
Awards $0
Social Media
Deviant ART Midnight-FireFlame
Ricky was a contestant on Deviant Art's hit series "Battle of the All Stars". Ricky was partnered up with his first best friend when he joined DA Brianna. He also knew Brianna's twin sister Brooke at the same time while knowing Brianna. Ricky was then replaced by Tatianna, who took his spot as Brianna's partner when Tatiana's original partner bailed out last min.

Ricky's journey was sadly cut too short causing a lot of fans around the world furious. Fan's still say the elimination was rigged since Brianna and Ricky where the odd ones out. Stating that him and Brianna didn't have stronger connections with the other contestants.


Episode Challenge Partner(s) Result
1 Sumo Duo Brianna OUT
Voted Off, 12 Hours

Have/Have-Not HistoryEdit

Week Punishment Result
Week 1 Eat cow testicles with a side of a
coacroach shake in 2 hours.

Voting HistoryEdit

Ricky's Voting History
Episode Ricky's
Nom. Votes
Nom. Votes
Against Ricky
Elim. Vote
Elim. Votes
Against Ricky
1 TaHir & Tiffany
(Team Vote)
Caroline, Noah,
Dani, Saiko, Sona
Peter, Roman
& Lucas
Voted Off, 12 Hours



  • Ricky is the only contestant to live in the house less than a day. (Being only 12 Hours)
  • Ricky is the only contestant to never cast a nomination vote, nor an eviction vote.
    • Ricky was not able to cast a nomination vote because Tahir & Tiffany won the team challenge therfore had the power to nominate anyone.

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